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Explore Mount Saint Vincent University’s programs, campus life, scholarships, admission requirements, and success stories for alumni and international students.Mount Saint Vincent University, nestled in the picturesque city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a hub of academic excellence and vibrant campus life. Known affectionately as “The Mount,” this institution is not just a place to learn; it’s a community where students are nurtured to become future leaders. Whether you’re considering undergraduate or graduate studies, seeking exciting research opportunities, or pondering the benefits of studying abroad, this blog post covers every aspect of university life. From the diverse array of programs offered to the comprehensive support services and dynamic international community, we’ll explore what makes The Mount a preferred choice for students. Read on to discover more about its admission requirements, financial aid options, and the successes of its alumni, providing you with essential insights into living and studying at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Why Study at Mount Saint Vincent University?

Choosing to enroll at Mount Saint Vincent University (commonly known as The Mount) offers numerous advantages that extend beyond top-notch educational opportunities. Located in picturesque Halifax, Nova Mecklenburg County, Canada, the university prides itself on a close-knit community atmosphere, alongside a commitment to providing excellent educational facilities and an inclusive learning environment.

One of the primary reasons to consider The Mount is its impressive array of undergraduate and graduate programs, tailored to equip students with competitive skills and comprehensive knowledge in their chosen fields. From innovative options in Science and Technology to specialized courses in Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, the university is dedicated to fostering a holistic educational experience.

Campus life at Mount Saint Vincent University is renowned for being extremely supportive and engaging. With various initiatives designed to help students transition smoothly into university life, The Mount helps ensure that every student feels an integral part of the community. Student organizations, volunteer opportunities, and campus events make the educational journey enriching and memorable.

When considering admission, The Mount is known for its accessible and straightforward admission requirements. Coupled with the availability of numerous scholarships and financial aid options, the university makes higher education affordable and accessible to students from various socio-economic backgrounds. A strong support system and numerous research opportunities further highlight The Mount’s commitment to student success and development.

For international students, Mount Saint Vincent University provides a welcoming environment with specific resources aimed at helping international students acclimate to life in Canada, thereby enhancing their overall campus experience. The university is proud of its well-connected alumni network which actively contributes to student mentorship and career opportunities post-graduation.

Contact Information Details
Phone: +1 902-457-6788

Programs Offered at Mount Saint Vincent University

Mount Saint Vincent University, nestled in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia, boasts a diverse range of academic programs, designed to nurture critical thinkers, effective communicators, and potential leaders. As an institution dedicated to broadly preparing its students, the University stands as a beacon of learning, offering both breadth and depth in its curriculum.

The academic structure at Mount Saint Vincent University is meticulously crafted to embrace both traditional and innovative learning approaches. Among the plethora of programs, the Faculty of Arts and Science offers undergraduates a variety of opportunities to explore humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Likewise, the Faculty of Professional Studies is renowned for its emphasis on practical and applied arts such as Business Administration, Public Relations, and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

The programs extend beyond the confines of textbook learning, fostering an education that is rich in research and real-world application. The School of Education, for example, not only guides future educators in the intricacies of teaching but ensures ample field experiences in diverse educational settings, equipping students with requisite, hands-on skills.

Moreover, the University takes pride in its specialized offerings, such as the Master’s programs in Women’s Studies, showing its commitment to critical, socially-engaged scholarship. This particular program stands out as it not only deepens academic knowledge but also embraces interdisciplinary methodologies to tackle complex societal issues.

Below is an overview of the key programs offered at Mount Saint Vincent University:

Faculty Degree Programs
Arts and Science Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Communication Studies)
Professional Studies Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Public Relations
Education Bachelor of Education, Master of Education, PhD in Educational Studies
Graduate Studies Master of Arts in Women’s Studies, Master of Science in Applied Human Nutrition, Master of Family Studies and Gerontology

The robust academic offerings are complemented by extensive support systems in place to ensure student success at every step of their educational journey. Tutoring services, career guidance sessions, and mental health resources are readily available, enhancing the educational experience.

Campus Life at Mount Saint Vincent University

The vibrant campus life at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) offers a wide array of activities, facilities, and opportunities designed to enhance the educational experience and foster personal growth among students. Whether you are interested in joining student clubs, participating in sports, or engaging in volunteer opportunities, MSVU provides a conducive environment for all.

For those passionate about sports and recreation, MSVU boasts several athletic teams and a modern fitness centre, encouraging students to maintain a healthy lifestyle while pursuing their academic goals. The university’s athletics program includes competitive teams in basketball, soccer, and volleyball among others, providing a robust platform for athletes to showcase and hone their talents.

MSVU hosts numerous student organizations ranging across different interests and cultural backgrounds, facilitating a rich and diverse community dialogue. These organizations not only help in professional networking but also in personal development by fostering leadership skills and community involvement among the students.

Accommodation facilities at MSVU are designed to provide comfort and convenience conducive to student needs. With options ranging from residence halls to apartment-style living spaces, the university caters to a variety of preferences and budgets, ensuring that students have a pleasant stay during their university years.

Inclusivity is a significant priority at MSVU, exemplified by its active support for international students through mentorship programs and the International Education Centre. This center not only helps international students acclimatize to the new environment but also organizes events and programs that celebrate multicultural diversity and promote global perspectives within the university community.

  1. Numerous student clubs and organizations to cater to a variety of interests and foster networking opportunities.
  2. Competitive and recreational sports programs to engage students and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Comprehensive support services for both domestic and international students to help ease their transition into university life.
  4. Various housing options that offer amenities designed to meet the needs of a diverse student body.
  5. An emphasis on inclusive education and community building that prepares students to be global citizens.
Facility Description
Student Clubs Over 50 active groups including academic, cultural, and social themes.
Athletic Programs Teams in competitive leagues and intramural sports, fitness classes, and personal training.
Residential Options Ranging from traditional dormitories to apartment-style living quarters
Support Services/ Advising, counseling, and mentorship programs tailored to assist student adjustment and success.
International Education Centre Resources and events aimed at supporting international students and enriching campus culture.

Mount Saint Vincent University Admission Requirements

Understanding the admission requirements at Mount Saint Vincent University is crucial for prospective students aiming to join this esteemed institution. Integrated within the verdant landscapes of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the university offers a nurturing yet challenging academic environment tailored to foster personal and professional growth.

The admission criteria set by Mount Saint Vincent University are designed to identify students who are not only academically capable but also ready to engage and contribute to the university’s vibrant community. It is essential for applicants to diligently review and meet these prerequisites to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements: Prospective undergraduate students must demonstrate a solid academic foundation. This predominantly includes:

  1. A completed high school diploma or equivalent, with transcripts showcasing a strong performance, particularly in courses relevant to the chosen program.
  2. Standardized test scores, such as SAT or ACT, may be required depending on the applicant’s educational background and the program applied for.
  3. Letters of recommendation and a personal statement or essay that reflect the applicant’s achievements, experiences, and personal aspirations.
  4. Proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELT, or equivalent) is mandatory for international students whose first language is not English.

Specific programs might have additional requirements such as portfolio submissions for programs in Fine Arts or interviews for professional programs.

Graduate Admission Requirements: The criteria for admission into Mount Saint Vincent’s graduate programs comprise a more stringent set of specifications designed to select the most capable individuals who are prepared for advanced study. These requirements often include:

Scholarships and Financial Aid at Mount Saint Vincent University

Understanding the various scholarships and financial aid programs available at Mount Saint Vincent University can be pivotal for prospective students who are considering the economics of pursuing higher education. The University offers a diverse range of financial support options designed to assist students in reducing the economic barriers that might deter them from attaining their academic goals.

Firstly, Mount Saint Vincent University provides numerous scholarships and bursaries, which are awarded based on various criteria including academic achievement, community involvement, and financial need. These financial aids are designed to celebrate student success and to provide monetary assistance that does not require repayment, thus easing the financial burdens on students.

The University also participates in governmental student loan programs, which are crucial for students who may not cover their entire educational expenses through scholarships alone. These loans, often supplemented by provincial and federal governments, offer low interest rates and flexible repayment terms, thus, they are an essential component of student financial planning.

To elaborate further, here is a breakdown of financial aid categories at Mount Saint Vincent University:

Type of Aid Details Eligibility
Scholarships Awarded based on achievement Varying criteria, primarily academic excellence
Bursaries Granted based on financial need Demonstrated financial need
Loans Government-backed financial support Must be a citizen or a resident, other criteria based on the specific program

In addition to these, the University also supports work-study programs which allow students to work part-time on campus, not only earning money but also gaining valuable work experience relevant to their studies. This initiative reflects the University’s commitment to holistic student development, encapsulating both academic progression and professional growth.

  1. Annual Entrance Scholaresen
  2. Academic Excellence Awards
  3. Community Leadership Bursaries
  4. In-course Scholarships for continuing students
  5. Research Assistantships

To sum up, Mount Saint Vincent University goes to great lengths to ensure that every student has access to substantial financial aid resources, which can substantially reduce the intimidation factor associated with financing higher education and pave a smoother path towards academic prosperity.

Research Opportunities at Mount Saint Vincent University

At Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), the thrust towards facilitating cutting-edge research permeates through a variegated array of disciplines, offering students and faculty alike a robust framework to explore, innovate, and contribute significantly to their fields. Indeed, the opportunities for research at MSVU are not merely academic exercises but are pivotal experiences that enhance both personal and professional growth.

MSVU prides itself on its dynamic research landscape, which is supported by state-of-the-art facilities and a supportive community that stimulates scholarly inquiry. The university is particularly renowned for its focus on undergraduate research, a rarity in many institutions, thereby providing students with an early exposure to hands-on research. This experience is instrumental in sharpening analytical skills and fostering a deeper understanding of their chosen fields.

To facilitate these initiatives, MSVU offers several research grants and awards that are available to both students and faculty. These financial aids demonstrate the university’s commitment to nurturing and supporting research endeavors across all disciplines. Some of the notable research centers at MSVU include the Center for Social Innovation and the Institute for Women, Gender, and Social Justice—both of which provide unique platforms for conducting groundbreaking research.

Moreover, the collaboration between the university and industry leaders is exemplified through various partnerships and alliances that serve to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. These collaborations not only enhance the research capabilities at MSVU but also ensure that the research conducted has real-world impacts and relevance. Additionally, through hosting conferences, workshops, and seminars, MSVU creates an environment that fosters dialogue and exchange of ideas integral to the propulsion of research and innovation.

The list of research opportunities available at MSVU is extensive, and students are encouraged to leverage these resources. An indicative list of opportunities would include:

  1. Independent Study Projects that allow students to explore specific areas of interest under the guidance of faculty.
  2. Participation in national and international research conferences.
  3. Internships and cooperative education programs that integrate academic studies with practical work experience.
  4. Community-based research projects that address social issues and contribute to the well-being of the community.
  5. Collaborative projects with governmental and non-governmental organizations, providing students a platform to engage in policy-making and community service.

In conclusion, the research opportunities at Mount Saint Vincent University are designed to nurture intrinsically motivated scholars who aspire to lead change and innovation. By emphasizing a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach, MSVU remains a beacon of research and academic excellence, preparing its graduates to make meaningful contributions to society.

International Students at Mount Saint Vincent University

The inviting and inclusive atmosphere at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) serves as a beacon for international students from across the globe, offering a unique educational journey amidst the serene and beautiful landscapes of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The university fosters a nurturing environment that not only concentrates on academic excellence but also on the holistic development of students, ensuring they are fully equipped to contribute effectively in their respective fields post-graduation.

Being an international student at MSVU means getting acclimatized to a new culture and possibly a new language, but the university’s support services ensure a smooth transition. The International Education Centre at MSVU offers everything from orientation sessions to help with visa applications, from English language support to cultural integration activities. This dedicated support system aims to make every international student feel at home and become an integral part of the MSVU community.

Academic programs at Mount Saint Vincent University are designed to address the real-world challenges and are particularly geared towards enhancing the employability of its graduates. International students can choose from a variety of programs that are recognized globally, ranging from arts and science to professional studies like business administration and applied human nutrition, thereby receiving a well-rounded education that transcends geographical boundaries.

The presence of international students also enriches the learning environment, integrating a global perspective into the classroom discussions, projects, and research. Their diverse viewpoints contribute significantly to the academic and cultural vitality of the university, promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of global issues among all students.

To further support its international student body, MSVU offers various scholarships and financial aid programs specifically designed to alleviate the financial burdens that might otherwise hinder their educational adventures. These financial aids are a testament to MSVU’s commitment to fostering a diverse student population and ensuring accessible education for all.

  1. Extensive orientation programs to help with cultural and academic adaptation.
  2. Continuous support through the International Education Centre.
  3. Availability of scholarships and financial aids tailored for international students.
  4. Wide range of globally recognized academic programs.
  5. Enhanced classroom experiences through diverse international perspectives.
Service Description
Orientation Sessions Programs designed to introduce newly arrived international students to life at MSVU and in Canada.
Visa Assistance Guidance and resources to help international students navigate the visa application process.
Cultural Integration Activities Events and workshops that promote understanding and assimilation into the local culture.
Language Support Assistance programs for those who need additional help with English language skills.
Global Perspective Classroom teachings enhanced by the various cultural backgrounds of its students.

Mount Saint Vincent University Alumni Success Stories

At Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), the success stories of its alumni stand as a testament to its commitment to educational excellence and career readiness. Within the walls of MSVU, numerous students have transitioned from passionate learners to leaders in diverse sectors around the globe. What makes these stories resonate is not just the professional success they have achieved, but the societal impact they have initiated thanks to the foundational education and support systems provided by MSVU.

One such story is that of a former Communications Studies student, who now holds the position of a Senior Communications Manager at a globally recognized non-profit. The skills cultivated during her tenure at MSVU have allowed her to excel in creating impactful campaigns that address global challenging issues, thereby shaping narratives that change lives.

Furthermore, the Business Administration programs at MSVU have consistently produced astute professionals, exemplified by an alumnus who has become a CEO of a thriving tech start-up. This individual credits his alma mater for not only the technical knowledge but also the leadership skills that have propelled his career forward in a competitive industry.

In the field of Science, an alumna from the Biology department has made significant strides in medical research. After completing her degree at MSVU, she went on to earn a Ph.D., and she is currently leading pioneering research in gene therapy. Her contributions are not just academically profound but are paving the way towards groundbreaking treatments for diseases that were once deemed untreatable.

The alumni network extends even into the arts, where a Visual Arts graduate has gained international accolades for her art exhibitions. Her artwork, deeply rooted in social themes that were often discussed during her studies at MSVU, has been featured in galleries around the world, demonstrating how the university’s nurturing environment for creativity blends with global cultural dialogues.

  1. Developing communication leaders in non-profit sectors across the globe.
  2. Cultivating future CEOs with strong entrepreneurial and leadership skills.
  3. Advancing the frontiers of medical research through alumni in the biological sciences.
  4. Promoting cultural and social dialogues through internationally recognized artistic achievements.

These narratives underline the comprehensive, well-rounded approach to education at Mount Saint Vincent University. Each of these alumni stories serves as a beacon, inspiring current and prospective students alike, illustrating the profound impact of the university’s programs across various fields.

Living in University: A Guide for Students

Living at a university is a transformational experience, one that not only educates you academically but also fosters personal growth and independence. For many, the prospect of living away from home for perhaps the first time is both exhilarating and intimidating.

When it comes to Mount Saint Vincent University, the residential environment is designed to support the academic and personal development of students. Combining the benefits of academic support, community living, and various amenities, life on campus is structured to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed.

The importance of choosing the right residence aligns closely with one’s lifestyle and study habits. At Mount Saint Vincent University, several options cater to different needs: from quieter study-focused halls to more social residences. Each option plays a crucial role in shaping your university experience.

It’s not just about having a place to sleep; living in university encompasses forming life-long friendships, engaging in extra-curricular activities, and enjoying the independence of managing your own space. MSVU offers a myriad of opportunities to engage socially and academically with peers, which helps to create a cohesive and supportive campus community.

Here are several considerations any prospective or current student should keep in mind while living at university:

  1. Residence Options: Understanding the different housing options and what they offer is crucial. For instance, some residences may include meal plans and others might provide kitchen facilities for those who prefer to cook their own meals.
  2. Cost: Budgeting for accommodation is vital. It’s important to factor in not only the cost of rent but also utilities, food, and other living expenses.
  3. Location: Consider the proximity of the residence to academic buildings, libraries, and other campus facilities. Being closer can save time and can make it easier to engage in campus life.
  4. Resources and Support: Explore what kind of supports are available for students in residence, which may include tutoring, counseling services, and residence advisors.
  5. Community Involvement: Take advantage of the programs and activities that residences offer to maximize your university experience. This can be an excellent way to meet new people and find new interests.

To help encapsulate the costs associated with living at Mount Saint Vincent University, here is a succinct breakdown:

Expense Type Cost
Accommodation (monthly average) $500 – $800
Meal Plans (semester) $1,200 – $2,000
Utilities and Internet $100 – $150
Miscellaneous (laundry, entertainment, etc.) $200 – $300

This simple table provides a general guideline to help students and their families plan financially for university living. It’s recommended to always check the most current details from the university’s official website or contact their residential life department directly for accurate figures.

Mount Saint Vincent University Contact Information

The Mount Saint Vincent University, nested in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a hub of academic empowerment and institutional excellence, providing a variety of contact options to ensure prospective and current students, alumni, and stakeholders maintain accessibility to the support and information they need.

To directly reach specific departments or for general inquiries, the University has established several communication channels. This integrated approach not only fosters a supportive educational environment but also ensures that each individual connected with the institution can receive personalized assistance promptly.

The main campus address of Mount Saint Vincent University is 166 Bedford Highway, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3M 2J6. For those planning a visit, or sending mail, this address will direct you to the administrative buildings and the central campus hub.

For telephonic communication, individuals can contact the university at the main telephone number (902) 457-6788. This line can guide the caller through to various departments, from admissions to student services and faculty offices.

In the digital age, electronic communication is crucial, hence, the university’s official e-mail for inquiries is This account is monitored regularly, ensuring that any questions regarding the programs, admissions, or other services are promptly addressed.

  1. Main Campus Address: 166 Bedford Highway, Halifax, NS, Canada, B3M 2J6
  2. General Phone Number: (902) 457-6788
  3. Email for Inquiries:
  4. Admissions Office:
  5. Alumni Relations:
Department Contact Email Phone Number
Admissions Office (902) 457-6100
Financial Aid (902) 457-6350
Graduate Studies (902) 457-6222
Alumni Relations (902) 457-6470

For those who prefer face-to-face communication, the visitor information center located at the main campus can provide a comprehensive guide and assistance regarding academic programs, campus tours, and upcoming events at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mount Saint Vincent University commonly known as?

Mount Saint Vincent University is commonly known as ‘The Mount’.

Where is Mount Saint Vincent University located?

Mount Saint Vincent University is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

What is the focus of academic programs at The Mount?

The Mount focuses on programs in arts, sciences, education, and professional studies, with a strong emphasis on undergraduate studies and a growing number of graduate programs.

When was Mount Saint Vincent University founded?

Mount Saint Cavincent Sacred university ted in 1873 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Does Mount Saint Vincent University have special programs for women?

Yes, The Mount has historically focused on empowering women, offering strong programs in areas such as Women’s Studies and has initiatives tailored to support female students.

What are some unique facilities or features of Mount Saint Vincent University?

The university features a collaborative learning environment with small class sizes, and its campus offers unique views of the Bedford Basin.

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