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Ordering from Bloomex? Think Twice: Insights from Customer Reviews

Flowers are supposed to add joy to our lives with their colors and scents, but sometimes our expectations turn into disappointments. My experience with Bloomex Canada was such a letdown. What was meant to be a pleasant surprise for our loved ones ended up being a disheartening scene.

It all started with an order intended for delivery on December 21st. Usually, I’m a careful consumer, reading reviews and checking Trustpilot scores. But this time, I made a hasty decision without doing my research. The result was a complete disappointment. I had requested the product to be three times larger, but what I received was a version with even fewer flowers than a standard arrangement. Moreover, a Christmas note added by mistake came not with a lovely design, but with Bloomex’s advertisement on the back.

Attempting to rectify the situation, I reached out to their live support on the first day. Despite their website stating “24/7 service,” I got no response for an hour while keeping the window open. When trying to call, I never managed to reach a real person. When I finally did make contact, they only asked me to communicate via email, but I received no response to my emails either.



In short, my experience with Bloomex Canada was dreadful, and I definitely do not recommend them. Think twice before placing an order, and if possible, choose another provider. The issues I faced with communication and customer service were serious, leading me to decide never to choose them again. Bloomex Canada fell far below my expectations and left my attempt to surprise my loved ones unfulfilled.

When placing a flower order, especially from a big name like Bloomex Canada, being cautious is of utmost importance. Ordering flowers online can be both convenient and time-saving; however, considering my experiences with Bloomex Canada, I would suggest you think twice.

Read the reviews about Bloomex Canada and definitely consider the experiences of other customers before making your decision. My own experience did not reflect the quality of service promised by this company. I faced serious issues with timely and correct delivery of orders. Moreover, communicating with customer service was nearly impossible.

There are numerous reviews indicating Bloomex Canada’s shortcomings in customer satisfaction. While some customers complain about the quality of the products, others point out issues in the delivery processes. Particularly on special occasions, if you want to deliver a timely and thoughtful gift to your loved ones, think again before ordering from Bloomex Canada.

I recommend considering alternative florists before placing an order with Bloomex Canada. Choosing the right florist will help you best express your sentiments to your loved ones. Taking into account customer reviews, delivery processes, and the quality of customer service when ordering flowers online will prevent disappointment.

In conclusion, learning more about Bloomex Canada and evaluating alternative options will enhance your shopping experience. The flowers you send to your loved ones should bring a smile to their faces; hence, choose carefully. My own experiences with Bloomex Canada have shown that the service provided falls below expectations.


Questionable Practices on Bloomex Canada’s Facebook Comments

Transparency and honesty are fundamental to customer trust in a company. However, there seems to be a concerning issue with Bloomex Canada. Research and customer feedback have raised serious allegations about Bloomex Canada hiding negative comments on their Facebook page. This practice can hinder potential customers from accessing accurate information and create a misleading perception.

Facebook is a vital platform for customers to share their experiences and gain a realistic view of companies. If a company is hiding negative feedback to highlight only positive responses, it raises questions about their transparency and reliability. Bloomex Canada’s possible engagement in such practices obstructs customers from obtaining a complete and accurate picture of the company.

This approach, especially in a sensitive and personal field like flower delivery, can damage customer trust. Potential customers want to make informed decisions by reading real user experiences. If this information is hidden or manipulated, customers can be misled, leading to a significant gap between their expectations and the actual service received.

Regarding Bloomex Canada, the concealment of negative feedback underscores the importance of conducting thorough research and considering alternative options. Customer reviews and experiences are crucial in understanding a company’s quality and trustworthiness. Therefore, before making a decision about Bloomex Canada, it would be beneficial to explore a wider range of comments and feedback on different platforms.


How to understand that comments are hidden?

If it says that there are X comments on a post and does not show the comments, this means that the comments on that post are hidden.

In the latest updates made by Facebook, Facebook page editors cannot delete comments and can only hide them. Therefore, even if they delete comments, the number of comments can still be seen.

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  1. I agree with you 100%. I tried using them for the first time this Christmas and had a similar terrible experience. Flower arrangement was tiny and not what I paid for and cheaper flowers were used as substitutes. Garbage company with zero customer service….never again.

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