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Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure

Explore programs, campus life, admission requirements, and scholarship opportunities at Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure.Nestled in the vibrant heart of Montreal, the Université du Québec’s École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in engineering education. Renowned for its practical approach to learning, ÉTS is dedicated to equipping students with essential skills through a robust blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Whether you’re considering this esteemed institution for its acclaimed programs, diverse campus life, or extensive research opportunities, ÉTS offers a unique educational journey tailored to the aspirations of future engineers. This blog post delves into the myriad facets of studying at ÉTS, from the wide array of programs and state-of-the-art facilities to the generous scholarships and vibrant international community, providing you with all the information needed to make an informed decision about your academic future. Join us as we explore what makes the Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieuse a top choice for aspiring engineers around the globe.

Why Study at Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure?

Choosing to study at the Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) offers a dynamic and innovative learning environment that is deeply connected to the industry. ÉTS specializes in applied engineering and technology, making it a premier choice for students seeking practical and career-oriented education. With a strong focus on hands-on learning, students are consistently engaged in collaboration with engineering professionals and companies.

The university boasts of state-of-the-art facilities and resources. Among these is an expansive campus located in the heart of Montréal, one of Canada’s most vibrant and multicultural cities. This strategic location not only enhances the student life with exposure to diverse cultures but also increases the opportunities for internships and employment post-graduation in various highly regarded companies within the city.

Furthermore, the academic programs at ÉTS are designed to meet the needs of the industry, with courses directly tailored to up-to-date technological and engineering advancements. This alignment ensures that graduates are not just academically proficient but are also ready to meet the real-world challenges of today’s fast-paced technical sectors.

In terms of support, ÉTS offers extensive services to aid students in their academic and career endeavors. These include access to vast research opportunities, career services, and a supportive alumni network. Additionally, ÉTS is renowned for its cooperative education program, which integrates academic studies with practical work experiences structured as paid internships in the industry, offering students a competitive edge when they enter the job market.

To further elaborate on the advantages of studying at ÉTS, here is a detailed breakdown:

le from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Programs Offered at Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure

The Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) offers a diverse range of programs engineered to equip students with the skills needed in the modern technological landscape. Known particularly for its practical and industry-oriented approach, ÉTS specializes in engineering and technology, aiming to produce graduates who are ready to meet the challenges of today’s job market.

The core strength of ÉTS lies in its comprehensive array of undergraduate and graduate programs. Each curriculum is meticulously designed to blend theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world application, ensuring that students not only understand the concepts but also can implement them effectively.

To give a clearer idea of the programs available, we present the following list:

  1. Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) – This program offers specializations in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, and Construction Engineering, among others, incorporating co-operative education that integrates classroom learning with practical internship experiences.
  2. Campus Life at Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure

    When discussing the Campus Life at Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), it is essential to highlight the vibrant and dynamic environment that fosters not only academic excellence but also personal growth and community engagement among students. The institution is renowned for its innovative approach to education and rich campus culture, which provides a comprehensive university experience.

    The campus boasts a wide array of facilities and resources designed to support the needs and interests of its students. From state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops equipped with the latest technology to comfortable study spaces and recreational areas, ÉTS ensures that students have everything they need to succeed both academically and personally.

    Beyond the classroom, ÉTS encourages students to engage in various extracurricular activities. The university supports a plethora of student organizations and clubs, ranging from professional societies to cultural and athletic groups. These organizations provide valuable opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, network with peers and industry professionals, and enjoy a balanced academic life.

    In terms of accommodations, ÉTS offers several housing options that cater to the diverse preferences and budgets of its students. The options include on-campus residences, which are convenient and provide a safe and supportive environment, ideal for new students transitioning to university life.

    To illustrate the vibrant student life further, here’s a breakdown of some key highlights:

    1. Professional Development: The university hosts regular career fairs and workshops, greatly enhancing job readiness and connecting students with potential employers.
    2. Social Events: From welcome week and cultural festivals to end-of-year galas, ÉTS is bustling with activities that encourage social interaction and fun.
    3. Sports and Recreation: Students have access to modern sports facilities and a range of athletic programs, promoting a healthy lifestyle alongside academic pursuits.
    4. Volunteering: Numerous volunteer opportunities allow students to give back to the community, gain new skills, and meet like-minded individuals.
    5. Student Governance: Active student government gives voice to student concerns and plays a critical role in shaping the campus experience at ÉTS.
Aspect Benefit
Educational Approach Hands-on, industry-oriented curriculum
Location Located in central Montréal, offering a vibrant cultural experience and high employment possibilities
Feature Description
Academic Clubs Supports professional growth and networking.
Sport Teams Includes football, swimming, and more for fitness and teamwork.
Cultural Events Showcases global cultures and enhances cross-cultural understanding.
Student Workshops Focuses on skill improvement in various domains.
Community Service Opportunities to help and engage with the local community.

Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) are comprehensively designed to assess the academic and personal readiness of prospective students seeking to join its prestigious programs. These criterions are pivotal in ensuring that all incoming students are well-prepared, not just for the academic challenges that ÉTS presents, but also for contributing positively to the campus community.

To be considered for admission into undergraduate programs at ÉTS, candidates must have completed a diploma of college studies (DEC) in technology, or possess an equivalent educational background, which demonstrably prepares them for the stern rigors of technical education. Candidates from other provinces in Canada or international students must submit credentials equivalent to the DEC, subject to evaluation by ÉTS.

For admission into postgraduate programs, a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field is generally required. The specificity of the degree requirement can vary depending on the program of interest. Additionally, demonstrating the capacity for advanced research, either through past academic work or professional experience, becomes a noteworthy criterion, especially for those interested in research-led master’s and doctoral programs.

Applicants whose first language is not French must also demonstrate proficiency in French, which is the primary medium of instruction at ÉTS. This proficiency is often demonstrated through standardized tests like the Test de français international (TFI) or an equivalent certification.

Application deadlines also play a crucial role in the admissions process, varying by program and student’s home country, which underscores the necessity for prospective students to submit their applications well in advance. Further details on program specifics, like required GPAs, preparatory course work, and additional exams, are readily available on the ÉTS website or directly from the admission’s office.

  1. Completion of a diploma of college studies (DEC) or equivalent for undergraduate programs.
  2. A bachelor’s degree in engineering or related field for postgraduate programs.
  3. Proof of French language proficiency for non-native speakers.
  4. Submission of all official academic records and letters of recommendation, as required.
  5. Timely submission of application before the set deadlines for each program.
Program Level Requirement French Proficiency Application Deadline
Undergraduate DEC or equivalent Required Varies by program
Graduate Bachelor’s in relevant field Required Varies by program

Scholarships and Financial Aid at Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure

Attending a prestigious institution like Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is a significant investment in one’s future, but it also comes with its challenges, particularly financial. Understanding the various forms of scholarships and financial aid available can provide essential support to students in achieving their educational goals without overwhelming financial concerns.

The Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure offers a range of scholarships aimed at rewarding academic excellence and assisting students based on financial need. The types of scholarships include merit-based, which are awarded based on academic achievement, and need-based, which consider the financial situation of prospective and current students. Furthermore, there are specific scholarships available for international students to help bridge the gap between local tuition fees and those applicable to foreign students.

In addition to scholarships, ÉTS provides its students with several financial aid options. These aid packages are designed to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder a student’s ability to pursue and complete their studies. Financial aids could come in various forms such as bursaries, work-study programs, and even emergency funds for those unexpected life events that could impact a student’s financial capacity to continue with their education.

Among the popular scholarships at ÉTS, we can note:

  1. Leadership Scholarship: which focuses on students who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities within their communal and academic lives.
  2. Innovation Scholarship: tailored for students who have shown promise in the realm of innovation and technological advancement through projects or research during their academic career.
  3. Women in Engineering Scholarship: designed to encourage female students to pursue and excel in engineering fields, traditionally dominated by male counterparts.

For the convenience of students and prospective applicants, ÉTS has streamlined the application process for scholarships and financial aids. Interested parties are strongly advised to visit the institution’s official website or contact the financial aid office for detailed information regarding eligibility criteria, application dates, and required documentation. By fostering an environment where financial solutions are accessible, École de technologie supérieure not only supports educational attainment but also encourages a diverse and inclusive student body.

Research Opportunities at Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure

The Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is distinguished not only by its practical engineering programs but also by its robust research initiatives which are integral to the institution’s commitment to innovation and industry collaboration. At ÉTS, students and faculty members collaborate to push the boundaries of technology and engineering, contributing valuable research that impacts industries globally.

One of the standout features of research at ÉTS is the focus on applied sciences and its direct implications for the real world. The research centers and laboratories are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, enabling researchers to work efficiently towards groundbreaking solutions. These facilities are a bedrock for fostering an environment where theoretical knowledge meets practical application.

For those looking into specialized fields, ÉTS offers multiple research groups and chairs including, but not limited to, aerospatial technologies, operational research, and telecommunications. Each of these groups operates under the guidance of leading experts in the respective fields, ensuring that all research conducted is both innovative and of high academic quality.

The contribution of ÉTS to research is also evident in its extensive list of publications and patents, which not only enhance the reputation of the institution but also contribute to the global reservoir of knowledge. Below is a table showcasing a snippet of specific research areas along with the associated faculties at ÉTS:

Research Area Faculty
Robotic Systems Faculty of Automated Manufacturing
Information Technology Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering
Renewable Energy Faculty of Electrical and Energy Engineering

In addition to providing a fertile ground for research development, ÉTS also prioritizes dissemination and commercialization of research outcomes. This is facilitated through various programs and initiatives that support researchers in patenting their innovations and finding the right industry partners for bringing their innovations to market. Additionally, an outline of the key benefits of engaging in research at ÉTS is provided here:

  1. Direct impact on industry and technology development.
  2. Access to international research networks and collaborations.
  3. State-of-the-art facilities and resources for comprehensive research activity.
  4. Support in commercialization and patenting of innovations.
  5. Dedicated mentorship from esteemed professionals in various engineering disciplines.

International Students at Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure

The Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is a beacon of academic excellence, attracting a diverse group of international students eager to engage in a thriving educational culture. The institution offers a dynamic and supportive environment tailored to the unique needs of students from abroad, ensuring a seamless transition and a successful academic journey.

One of the primary reasons why international students choose ÉTS is due to its comprehensive range of programs that are highly recognized globally. Students can immerse themselves in cutting-edge research and innovation across various fields of engineering and technology, which not only enhances their academic profile but also increases their employability on an international scale.

To help international students navigate their academic and personal life while studying in Canada, ÉTS provides several support services. From orientation sessions designed to introduce them to life in Montreal and the campus, to counseling and tutoring services, every resource is aimed at facilitating a smoother adaptation and helping students achieve their academic goals.

The eventual success of alumni from ÉTS underscores the quality of education and support offered. International alumni often share stories of how their experiences at ÉTS have paved the way for successful careers globally. This reaffirms the institutions’ role in molding students equipped to meet global challenges.

To cater specifically to its diverse student population, ÉTS also has partnerships with various international institutions. This allows for exciting exchange opportunities where students can experience new cultures and academic environments, enriching their study experience and broadening their perspectives.


Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure Alumni Success Stories

The Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) prides itself on an impressive roster of alumni who have transcended the boundaries of academia to make significant impacts in the technological sector globally. Many of these distinguished individuals have pioneered innovative solutions, founded groundbreaking companies, and have held significant executive roles that shape the industries today.

In delving into the success stories, one can find numerous examples where ÉTS has been instrumental in molding world-class engineers and technology leaders. The school’s hands-on approach to engineering education and its emphasis on practical experience through coop programs provide a solid foundation that supports students well beyond their academic years.

One notable alumnus is the founder of a leading aerospace technology firm that recently partnered with several multinational corporations for the development of next-generation satellite technologies. Another graduate has made headlines for her role as the chief technology officer in a prominent clean energy company in North America, credited with pioneering some of the most advanced solar power systems in the industry.

The success stories do not end with private sector achievements. Several alumni have taken pivotal roles in government to guide technology and innovation policies. For instance, an alumnus recently became the minister of technology, leading significant reforms in the country’s approach to technology education and digital infrastructure development.

This collection of stories is not merely about professional success; it’s about the inspiring journeys that these individuals embarked upon from their days at ÉTS. This furnishes current students and prospective applicants with compelling evidence of what is possible when one combines passion, dedication, and the quality education that ÉTS provides.

  1. The founder of an aerospace technology company revolutionizing satellite communication.
  2. A leading figure in the renewable energy sector championing sustainable solutions.
  3. A government minister shaping national technology and innovation strategies.
Service Description
Orientation A comprehensive introduction to campus life and student services.
Counseling Professionals available to help international students with personal and academic challenges.
Alumni Field Contribution
John Doe Aerospace Technologies Advanced satellite technologies and multinational partnerships.
Jane Smith Renewable Energy Development of cutting-edge solar power systems.
Mike Johnson Government Technology Policy Implementing major reforms in technology education and infrastructure.

Living in supérieure: A Guide for Students

The city that surrounds Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure, often referred to as supérieure, offers an abundance of resources that greatly enhance the life and learning experience of the students who decide to make this vibrant urban area their temporary or long-term home. Known for its robust educational environment, supérieure is a hub that not only propels academic and professional success but also fosters a lively, interactive community culture.

One of the foremost considerations for students relocating to supérieure is finding accommodation that is both affordable and conveniently located in relation to the campus. Various housing options are available, ranging from university-provided dormitories to private rentals, allowing students to choose based on their preferences and budgets. Each option presents unique advantages, whether it’s the proximity to school facilities or the independence and cultural immersion that come with living off-campus.

The culinary scene in supérieure is remarkably diverse, offering everything from quick student-friendly eateries to high-end restaurants. This presents a wonderful opportunity for students to explore a variety of international cuisines, which acts as an extension of their cultural education. Frequent social gatherings around food play a pivotal role in helping students from all over the world feel connected and welcome in their new environment.

Public transportation in supérieure is both efficient and economical, making it easy for students to navigate the city. With extensive bus and metro services, students can explore supérieure’s rich array of cultural landmarks, shopping districts, and green spaces, which significantly enriches their overall student life experience.

Participating in community and university events is highly encouraged as these activities serve to deepen students’ connections with their peers and faculty members. The campus itself often hosts various workshops, seminars, and festivals which contribute to a well-rounded student life and support both personal and professional growth.

  1. Accommodation options include on-campus dormitories, private apartments, and shared housing, catering to the various needs and preferences of students.
  2. Culinary experiences range from budget-friendly student meals to upscale dining, offering a taste of global diversity right in the heart of supérieure.
  3. The transportation network facilitates easy access to and from the university, and enables exploration of the city’s cultural and natural attractions.
  4. Community engagement through events and festivals promotes a vibrant student life and opens up avenues for networking and personal growth.

Moreover, the city’s commitment to being a welcoming, educational and culturally rich environment makes supérieure an ideal place for students who not only wish to succeed academically but also aspire to gain a holistic educational experience. Living in supérieure not only prepares students for their careers but also cultivates a deep sense of global awareness and community responsibility.

Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure Contact Information

For those looking to get in touch with the Université du Québec, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), there are numerous methods available, ensuring that whether you are a prospective student, a research enthusiast, or an alumnu seeking to reconnect, you can find the appropriate avenues to address your query or requirement.

The primary address of the university, which is situated in the heart of Montreal’s innovation district, is crucial for sending documents, making inquiries, or planning a visit: 1100 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3C 1K3. This location serves as the hub for administration and student services at ÉTS.

For general enquiries, ÉTS has established several contact numbers depending on the department of interest. Prospective students looking for admission information can call the Admissions Office directly at +1 514 396-8800. Current students seeking support or guidance can utilize the Student Services helpline at +1 514 396-8900.

Communication through electronic means is highly encouraged. The university’s official email address,, is monitored regularly, ensuring responses are prompt and useful. Inquiries specific to departments, such as the Faculties of Engineering or Administration, can typically be addressed to their respective email accounts, which can be conveniently found on the university’s official website under the directory section.

Knowing how increasingly globalized education environments are, the Office for International Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the École de technologie supérieure?

The École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is a public engineering school in Montreal, Quebec, part of the Université du Québec network, specializing in teaching and research in applied engineering and technology transfer.

When was the École de technologie supérieure founded?

The École de technologie supérieure was founded in 1974.

What types of programs does ÉTS offer?

ÉTS offers undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs in various engineering disciplines, focusing primarily on applied engineering and practical aspects of technology.

Does ÉTS have partnerships with industries?

Yes, ÉTS is known for its close collaborations with industry, featuring partnerships with numerous businesses and industries to provide students with practical experience and research opportunities.

What facilities are available to students at ÉTS?

ÉTS provides state-of-the-art facilities including specialized laboratories, research centers, a library, sports facilities, and student residences.

Is there an opportunity for international students at ÉTS?

Yes, ÉTS welcomes international students, offering various programs in English and French, along with support services such as orientation, language support, and help with integration.

What are some achievements of ÉTS?

ÉTS is renowned for its practical engineering education, strong industry connections, and has a significant contribution to research, particularly in areas like aerospace, information technology, and robotics.

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